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Born in the 80s in Angers (France), Etienne Morax had a thousand and one lives before becoming a photographer!

Initially trained in mechanics, industrial design, computer science, and industrial design, he started his career in various sectors such as engineering, telecom networks, and industrial design. Among his hobbies is music, particularly the guitar, which has not only revealed his talent but also a profound artistic sensitivity.

Portrait with blue background

London Calling

In 2014, Etienne set sail for London initially for three months, but he still lives there! He has explored several fields, leveraging his expertise in industrial design, while relentlessly self-training, trying to satisfy his desire to learn differently through online courses, videos, audiobooks, and his natural ability to master computer software. The more technical and technological the challenge, the better he is!

Photography as a revelation

While designing his sister's website, Etienne was seeking a graphic touch. He decided to buy a second-hand camera and capture images himself. Etienne quickly took his camera everywhere with friends or at social events. Each time, he shoots, carefully arranges the settings, retouches the light and colours. This is when photography turned into a passion for him! In 2018, he jumped into the water, resigned from his previous job, and started his photography professional business. Besides his apparent technological know-how, Etienne has revealed, thanks to his natural kindness, an authentic and invaluable talent for connecting with people.

"I love people’s souls! A smile means a lot to me.”

Images with meaning

During the 2020 pandemic, Etienne managed to turn the challenge into an opportunity. Converting his living space into a studio, he has organized shootings as much as possible, and attracted attention from various magazines. He has showcased his diverse expertise in studio technical photography, personal portraits for individuals, institutional photography for seminars, and food photography. Etienne’s portfolio unveils not only technical skills but a remarkable artistic and human sensitivity. Adding video to his repertoire, he has worked for companies, musicians, models, and the sports industry.

Filming of a boxer in black and white

"I want my videos to convey messages and leave an impact."

Camera with monitor filming

Etienne's favourite part of his job:

- the technical aspects and the work of light
- the artistic dimension
- connecting with people
- capturing portraits, especially women's portraits, driven by a genuine fascination

Ode to London

“I love the diversity of profiles one can be find in London. People come to learn and to take actions. Regardless of age or origin, there is no judgement, but an accurate social intelligence.  My core value is freedom, and in London I feel free!”

Delphine Gourgues

Words by Delf




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