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Investing in professional photography
Why it's worthwhile

Don’t get me wrong, smartphones are great for capturing every day moments. In today’s world, photography is accessible to everyone, all the time, in a way it has never been before. We take more photographs every single day than in the whole of the last century.

So the question is, why should you invest in a professional photoshoot with me? 

Pretty girl smiling when looking at the camera
Pretty girl in Mayfair London

 - Booking a shoot with me guarantees the proper knowledge and equipment to make sure the pictures are the very best quality they can be. And they will become part of your story, the way you remember this moment in time.

 - I will give you expert guidance and advice about how to display and ENJOY your images.

 - With a professional camera I am able to capture angles and give perspectives in a way smartphones can’t. We can make your ideas real. 

Where Do We Shoot?

London has plenty of iconic locations, but also so many lovely typical spots. I am used to shooting in places like:

 - London Eye

 - St. Paul's Cathedral

 - Tower Bridge

 - Notting Hill

 - Mayfair 

 - Shoreditch (Brick Lane)

Just make sure that you take into account your travel time between locations, to make sure it fits into your photo session.


Pretty girl in Canary Wharf


I believe in retouching photographs to enhance what you have already. You can let me know before I edit how much retouching you would like. Occasionally some clients ask for none, so it's up to you.

 - Removing blemishes/scars

 - Skin smoothing 

 - Softening wrinkles 

 - Fixing clothing or body if needed

I always promise that you'll look amazing!


Pretty girl looking inside a shop


Let's make something beautiful together

Empty picture
Photographer looking at his camera on a rooftop


Photographer, filmmaker and editor based in London.

Four years ago, I left my career in mechanical engineering to pursue photography and filmmaking. I am passionate about creating beautiful and thought provoking content and working with talented people. 

Experienced across print and online in beauty, fashion, food and more. 

Let’s make it happen.

Portrait of a woman with color lights


I like to think of it as an imagination space.

Empty picture
Woman posing in London


Etienne was AMAZING! This was by far the best thing I did in London. He was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He gave excellent guidance on how to move and where to look to make the photos look great! He took SO MANY photos in the two hour time frame and we went to SO MANY wonderful spots around London. He worked with me to get the shots I wanted and made sure I could look at them and see what I liked. He did head shots and body shots and worked with the perspectives to create THE BEST photos of myself that I have ever seen. You 100% honestly should book his experience. For perspective, I booked another  photographer for a photo shoot with my cousin the day before, and she was more expensive, only for an hour, didn't give us the opportunity to get the raw photos, and only shot at/around one area. Etienne definitely went above and beyond! I wish I would have booked him twice!

Woman posing with a mic


Etienne was very pro and was very open to my requests, from the studio to the delivery of the artworks, thank you! The way he retouches the pictures is great, not too much, which gives a natural finish to your face, love it ! Defo recommend!

Man posing in London


Etienne is a truly passionate photographer and his passion show from his work he do !! He is extremely professional and really good at his work. I am normally very picky with my pictures but Etienne took care of all my needs and requirements and fully satisfied me with his efforts, time, advise, location knowledge and ofcourse his photography skills. He was very understanding and cooperative. I had 4 costume change during my shoot and he had the perfect location to represent all those costumes. Wont hesitate in reccomending him to others as he has got true skills as well as knowledge about London. I think he can bring he photography magic in any place !! Cant wait to re-do the photoshoot with him possibly at our next city !!!

Tourist in London

It was a great experience with Etienne- He was excellent with us - we loved every minute of the photo shoot. He took us to some nice and interesting lanes. We really connected to him & each other. We recommend this to all travelers visiting London . We thank you for your kindness and understanding! If we have other chance to come again for sure we will looking for you. 他是一位很棒的摄影师,为人和蔼可亲。让我们有个很棒的摄影经验。对我们的要求也很配合。我极力推荐给有兴趣旅拍的朋友们。你们会爱上他的温柔体贴。

Woman posing in London


Etienne is a great photographer and super nice person. It was amazing experience and all photos are exceptionally good and delivered in a very short time. I would highly recommend Etienne, he is a true professional and passionate photographer who can help with posing, selects great locations and make this experience feel really magical!

Woman posing in London


Wonderful experience, very fun and light little photoshoot around central London and Etiene was extremely professional and quick in the delivery of images after. Lovely to have met him and to capture few moments to be remembered. Thanks for your time and effort, highly recommend xx hanna

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